$7.00 - $40.00

++++ Incoming transmission ++++

New mechs have been spotted in the outer rim. Both insurgent & mercenaries have been seen piloting this old technology. No records can be found but they look ancient. Do not let their age fool you. Under estimating them could be mean your life - their weapons cut through our plating and shields with ease, and their pilots are no joke.


4 original mech sculpts from the great Ana Polanšćak. Produced by Evan Hough. Brought to you by Under the Dice.

Limited to 100 sets of 4 mechs. EV001-004. Kikimora, Vila, Div & Rukavica. Cast in white metal, the package comes with:

You are able to purchase single models. I've adjusted the pricing with shipping, so it equals just about 10$ for 1 mini. BC is not my favorite selling platform.

- A set of 4 mechs, 1 of each. They come unpainted.
- 4x hexagonal mdf bases.
- QR code to custom mech sheets.

Photo/painted mechs done by Evan Hough.

For orders outside continental USA - please email me at [email protected]